Strategies to Maintain your Weight during the Holidays

Tis the season of stuffing our faces and drinking eggnog till we can’t move. The holidays are here and in full effect. As the parties start piling up, our healthy eating habits fly right out the window. You can use some of the tips from our previous blog, but here we’re going to give you a few more strategies to maintaining your weight during the holiday season while also enjoying yourself.

1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

The holidays are an especially tricky time to stay on the right path to your goals, but a few slip-ups here and there doesn’t mean you have to beat yourself up over it. We get it, the holidays are a time that you get to eat certain foods, sometimes only once a year. If an event here or there causes you to eat outside your healthy habits, it’s fine, show yourself some compassion and know you’ll do better next time.

2. Choose Your Battles Wisely

Basically, just be realistic with your goals. Telling yourself, you’re not going to eat sweets all season is unrealistic while not eating sweets in the office is. The best way to strategize your battles it to look at your calendar of events and decide which parties are worth splurging. Your office holiday party may have some pretty delicious store bought sweets, but your family party probably will have your aunt Martha’s homemade pecan pie that is worth indulging.

3. Plan Your Attack

Just like picking your battles wisely, if you plan your attack, you are more likely to succeed. Remember, while food is a big part of it, it is not the main reason you are attending these parties. If you’re going to a short cocktail hour, eat before hand, so if you get a little buzz going, you’re not tempted to order subpar bar food. Also, stick to low alcohol drinks like white wine or light beers. Stay away from cocktails as these are filled with sugar and calories and can be worse than a slice of pie. If you’re attending dinners, try to stick with the veggies and lean proteins if at all possible.

4. Tighten Up At Home

If you’re going to be attending parties throughout this season (remember the season continues through New Years) make sure you tighten up your diet at home. If you have little sweets or unhealthy foods around your home, get rid of them. While you’re not attending parties, you should be eating well to prepare for them.

5. Focus On The Wins

It’s easy for us to focus solely on the negatives in our life, but creating a healthy lifestyle is made up of constant, on-going small challenges, not just one big one. As you go through the holiday, make sure you reward yourself for all the battles you did win. When you give yourself positive reinforcement, you’ll remember how good it felt when you beat your temptations, giving you motivation for next time.

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed, not to stress over what you can and cannot eat. Indulge in foods you truly love without going completely overboard. If you slip up, learn from your mistakes and adapt for the future. In between events make sure you’re eating your protein and vegetables. At the Spot Cafe you can easily get both, our vitamin-packed veggie rice bowls are filled protein and fiber to keep you full, fit, and on the right track.  

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