Making Long Beach Your Gym

Gyms can be an interesting place at times. For some they are intimidating, others they can be stressful, and for a handful, a sanctuary. Whatever way you feel about the gym, working out outside can be a rejuvenating and fun experience. Luckily, in Long Beach, with over 285 sunny days a year, our city can easily become your gym. So if you’re looking to change up your workout routine or an alternative to a pricey gym membership, here are five ways you can workout for free in Long Beach.

1. Use the running path as your treadmill

Here in Long Beach, we have a 3.1-mile bike and running path that runs parallel to the beach. There should be no excuses when you have the beach with sweeping views of Catalina, Downtown Long Beach, the Queen Mary and departing cruises. The beach is also a great motivational tool for working harder on your fitness goals. Plus the cool ocean breeze is refreshing.


2. Yoga on the bluff

There is nothing more peaceful than practicing yoga overlooking the Pacific Ocean, all for free! Every day at 11 am, yoga is instructed in Bluff Park. No matter how fancy your gym is, you will not experience a more calming and relaxing session than yoga on the bluff.

3. Master the stairs

Staircases can be found all along the bluffs from Cherry Ave to the Belmont pier. Why mindlessly climb the Stairmaster, leading to nowhere when can do the same while still being at the beach. If one staircase is too crowded, there are many more that line the beach. Running, walking, or even incorporating double set hops up the stairs will give your legs a killer workout while soaking up the sun’s rays and enjoying the beautiful views.

4. Hiking

You don’t have to go far to enjoy a great hike here in Long Beach. Signal Hill boasts 360-degree views of LA county, Palos Verdes, the Pacific Ocean, and Orange County. Run up the path for an even more intense workout. You can park at the intersection of Redondo and Industry Dr. and choose from the five-mile run with an 800-foot elevation gain or the four-mile run with a 700-foot elevation gain or the 3.5-mile run with a 600-foot elevation gain. The view alone is enough motivation. 

5. Swim laps in the canals

Long Beach has many canals in which you can swim, kayak or paddle board. Starting off from the peninsula or horny corner, the canals are a refreshing way to keep fit, especially during the warm summer months. We suggest waiting a week to swim the canals after the rain due to contamination levels being high from water run off. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for passing boats.


With a healthy diet and a city full of activities, being fit in Long Beach can be fun and easy. The city is also one of most bike-friendly in the nation and with a bike share system, biking to work, the grocery store, or to a friend’s place can be an additional way to burn calories and keep active.

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