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About The Spot Cafe

Delicious + Perfect + Quality

The Spot Cafe was started by partners Mitchell Stein and Hugo Horta after the birth of their second child, Tuolumne.

When Tuolumne was born she was VERY sick and the boys decided they wanted to live a much "cleaner life" only feeding their children (Devynn and Tuolumne) food with natural ingredients and made farm fresh. This proved harder than it sounds as many products in the stores contain preservatives and ingredients that no one can pronounce. Also, eating healthy is sometimes very expensive and healthy restaurants serving healthy fresh meals are hard to find, so on January 1, 2013 the boys started The Spot Cafe!

Since the start of the Spot Cafe the boys have strived to create a place that not only serves healthy fresh food, but a place where everyone is happy. Sharing what we have learned about healthy clean eating with your family and friends. We also take great pride in providing meals for people with all kinds of dietary needs. We offer a complete line of Gluten Free Items, Vegan and Vegetarian Meals. We also have a staff of nutritionists to help with weight lose and meal plans. We always take great care to make sure each meal is made with detail so that cross - contamination never happens.

Here at the Spot Cafe we believe that Healthy People are Happy People so our goal at the cafe is to always give Happy Service with our Healthy Food. If we fail to reach this goal please contact either Mitch or Hugo and please let us know how we can help. Thank you and we hope to meet you all in person one day.


10 Things You May Not Know About The Spot Cafe

We offer daily meal plans that are guaranteed to help you lose weight and feel great.

We donate thousands of dollars to local charities every year (mostly to youth sports groups).

We also own a gym and will give you a free pass if you ask. School House Fitness

We make all of our own Salad Dressing in house with only Natural Ingredients. Making sure all salad dressings contain less that 40 calories per teaspoon.

We bake fresh Kale and Beet Chips EVERY DAY so that they are fresh and delicious.

We bake our turkey and chicken fresh every day for our salads and sandwiches. Insuring that there is no sodium or preserves in any of our meat.

Mitch lost 50 lbs. doing our Daily Juice Cleanse once a week for six months.

We do not charge extra for sandwiches on Gluten Free Bread or for Gluten Free Pizza Crust.

We make all of our Juice Cleanses and Fresh Juice to order.

We have a free rewards program (Spot On) where you can earn free drinks, food, and other prizes. Also, Tuesdays are Buy One Get One Free for all rewards members!


Edward Rangel

I have come to The SpotCafe a couple times now and have not been disappointed! I am a coffee drinker and have to say I love the coffee! The food and smoothies are good as well! The service and the kindness you feel when you come through those doors are what makes this place what it is! Keep up the great work Spot Cafe! You have my business and I refer you to all my friends!!!

Edward Rangel
Aja Pope

Excellent service! Fast & courteous! Everything is made fresh & delicious!!! I love this cafe, it's the best in Cali that I've experienced. You'll never find a better Cafe than this one! Christy, Craig , the staff, and the cooks are all good people's! The one day juice cleanse is awesome! Fyi, must try!

Aja Pope
Gina Schober

Best Fresh Juice ANYWHERE, 3 words - "The Green Phantom". One of the employees created this beverage. If you were ever on the fence of juicing & wanted the nutritional benefits of juicing (seen the flick "Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead"?) but didn't want it to taste like . . . well, like a head of cabbage, this juice is for you. Whole cucumber, whole lemon, apples & spinach make it healthy, refreshing, and surprisingly delicious. BTW, get a large size, as your companions will ask you for a sip, then try to drink it all.

Gina Schober
Nancy Gebbie

My husband and I went in and had a breakfast sandwich and one of their smoothies, both were very good. We also tried one of their yummy cinnamon rolls. For sure we will be going back. Anyone near or far, for that matter, you need to stop in and give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Nancy Gebbie
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